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The concept of Work N Hire is really simple. It’s focus is to bring Contractors/Freelancers and Clients in India to an On-line Marketplace where the Clients can post projects as per their requirements and the Contractors can submit a proposal, without having to go through any paperwork.

The entire process of Work N Hire can be explained in the following set of steps

Step 1 – Project Posting by Client
Client posts a Project on Work N Hire. Clients can post any number of projects with their registered account. Each project is reviewed for approval before going live on the site, making sure that the fake projects and projects created for the sake of advertisement are rejected. A Project Posting has the following details: Project Description, Project Title, Budget, Category, Subcategory, Skills Required, Project Time Frame and other additional details.

Step 2 – Proposal Submission by Freelancers
As soon as a project is posted, the Freelancers can view the details of the Project on Work N Hire. Based on their understanding of the Project requirements the Freelancers will send a proposal to the client, quoting a price, and adding a Bid Summary, in which they can mention about their profile and also how they are best suited for this project. Each Freelancer is provided 20 bids per month to bid on various projects. This is to make sure that an individual doesn’t just go on bidding for various projects, without making any serious effort on the proposal. Client is notified of each proposal via email.

Step 3 – Project Award by Client
The client then goes through all submitted proposal in their manage project section. The Client can message the Freelancers or ask them for more detail through Work N Hire Project Workroom. Once the client thinks he has found the right candidate, he then goes ahead and awards the project to that freelancer. At this point of time, the project is closed for further bidding.

Step 4 – Project Accept by Freelancer
Once the client awards the project to a Freelancer, a notification is sent to them, to accept the project in 3 days time otherwise the Project Award is automatically rejected. The Freelancer also has an option to reject the project award in case they feel its not suited for them. Once a Project is accepted, the work on the Project starts but before that an essential step is to get the funds escrowed from the client.

Step 5 – Finalizing Terms and Getting Funds Escrowed
So the freelancer has finally got the project, so what’s the next step. The next step is to finalize the terms, in case something needs to be changed. Terms & Milestone is basically a sort of agreement between the two parties on the deliverable and final cost that they have agreed upon. Once this is done, the Freelancer should generate an invoice for the client to fund the escrow amount. This is the most important step for all freelancers since getting funds in the escrow means that you are safe and can begin work with the peace of mind. Same applies for clients, the escrow fund will ensure that the client doesn’t need to make any advance payment and can safely start working on the Project.

Step 6 – Completing Work and Getting Paid
Now the main task of completing the actual work remains. The Freelancer will deliver the work to the Client as per accepted terms, and once that is done the Freelancer can request the Client to release funds. Once the fund is released by the Client, the amount is credited into the Freelancers account and an amount equal to the service fee is deducted from the Freelancer account at that very moment.

So the process of Hiring and Working on Work N Hire is really simple and you can contact us for any sort of assistance required.

20 Responses to How does it work?

  1. kavita says:

    what if client agrees and don’t pay the amount on time?

    • worknhire says:

      Kavita, in case client awards you the project, the first thing that any contractor should do is ask the client to escrow the funds so that both parties on safer side. In case the client doesn’t release the funds you can send a fund release request and or file a dispute with us to get the amount for the work done.

  2. Vishwas says:

    I am writing in interest to have a clarity on your service fee structure. Needless to mention your ‘how it works’ section every minute details is very well covered but I am failed to gather a clear idea on your service charges/fees.
    Would appreciate a early response to my query.
    Many Thanks,

  3. graphica says:

    Dear Work -n- hire,
    Can I bid more than 20. Is there any payable larger package?

  4. rajesh kokil says:

    Hi how to edit/ uodate or see proposals submitted on website?

    • worknhire says:

      Hi Rajesh,
      You can see the proposals submitted on the website through our My Projects section under Work. It shows all working projects by default but in case if you change the option to show all it will also show the projects you have placed a bid on.
      When you go to the project detail page of a project where you have placed a bid you will have the option to update your bid as well.

  5. P.K.D. says:

    hi i am fresher tell me about project. how to post project and i didn’t understand which project will post here

  6. binal says:

    how can i get my work??

  7. Vartika says:

    How can i cancel a project ?

    • worknhire says:

      Vartika, you have the option of cancelling a project in the Manage Section of the project. In case you have any other difficulty please feel free to contact us using the link provided in the footer.

  8. harsh says:

    hi,,,what would be the next step after completing the profile..
    i have to search contracters for dis or what else i need to do now for proceed furthur, coz i recently joined this..plz help me out

  9. Rajiv Verma says:

    I am a newly registered employer and posted a job on work and hire but my posting is pending. How much time does it take to a posting to get approval?

  10. swati says:

    how to bid i have query on bidding please explain?

  11. Sanjay Dhawan says:

    hi sir i am newly registered. i dont know the processior. should i have to invest before getting work. because i send lots of proposal but i didn’t get any message or email.

    i am professional Photoshop expert. how does it work. how can i bid. how can i contact a person.

  12. pks1 says:

    Hi I have a doubt about the payment. So I generated an invoice for the client. On my account I see Rs. 0 in my escrow account so does that mean that the client has not put the amount into escrow or does the generation of invoice already imply that the client has put the amount into escrow??

  13. tithiwakhariya says:

    What does Sealed:Yes mean in the project brief?

  14. tehsina says:

    hi friends,
    can any one help me in case that how i can withdraw my money by paypal in work n hire

  15. tehsina says:

    please guide as soon as possible i am new here

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