Quickly post your requirements and set your budget. The project will be available for bidding by various contractors on our site within minutes of posting.

You want the best fits to submit quotes, so be specific in describing who you’re looking for, the skill sets you seek and your expectations.


Compare and select bids on price and ratings. Each freelancer has there own profile that shows what past users have said about there work.

Look at more than cost. Those who low ball might not have the skills or experience you need. So, evaluate the combination of quality, timeliness and cost to come up with your short list. Then keep track of the list in your project Workroom.


Good communication between you and your Contractor is essential. We advise that you request and agree upon deliverables and post them to your project. It’s also a good plan to establish milestones, delivery dates, payment schedule and quality expectations. That way everyone’s clear.

Use our workroom to manage and share files. A record of all communications helps minimize mis-communication and keeps your project on track. Like good assistants, we’ll store the files you send within your Files tab to keep everything organized.


Release funds ONLY when specific goals are met. By setting up the payment milestone based on agreed targets, you only need to release funds once 100% satisfied.

All your transaction history of all invoices is kept track of for your convenience, you can see the invoices you have paid, escrowed or even pending invoices for that matter. Managing Payments is really a peice of cake with WorknHire.