How to start your career as Freelancer?

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Working as a contractor–or freelancing as it is often termed–is both a great stepping stone to running your own business and a viable career in itself. For the first-timers, there can be numerous hurdles to overcome on the way to starting and having a successful freelancing career, especially if you are in India.

As a former freelancer myself I have observed some of these hurdles firsthand. This article discusses some of the points related to the ins and outs of freelancing and how to start a successful freelancing career.

Identify Your Skill

Before you start working, you need to do a major analysis of what you are good at and what sort of projects you will be able to take up. I guess most of us know our strengths and weakness, so you need to make sure that you focus on your strengths. Having said that, you also need to identify the market for your skill, for eg you might be great at something but availability of project in Freelancing Markets is major factor which you need to consider while deciding on the type of Work that you are going to target as a freelancer. So consider Market Research for your work an important aspect. For a generic market research go on the web and try to find the most commonly used skills in Freelancing, also try to find availability of projects on Freelancing Portals.

Marketing your Skills

Next comes the most important aspect of freelancing which is the ability to market yourself. Once you have identified your skill, you need to show the world that you are good at it. One of the most widely used ways of doing that is creating a Portfolio of your work. Having a site of your own can also be considered a very good start. You could always direct your clients to the site to have a look at some of your work and read more about you/your work. But just having a site is not going to get your client. If you are using one of the Freelancing Market Place sites like , the first place to start is to build your profile with as much detail as possible. Add your skills to the profile, your website, your portfolio, your education and employment. The better profile you have built the more easier would be for Clients to understand your expertise.

Finding Work as a Freelancer

Now starts the tricky part, you have done everything,identified your skills, did some market research, set up your website or portfolio and are now ready to start work. But where do you get work from? As per my personal experience I would say this is the most critical step in starting your career as a freelancer. The best place to start is on a Freelancing Portal. There are numerous portals available for freelancing. But till recent times we didn’t have a dedicated portal for Indian Markets, that is where can help you get started. You can go ahead, signup and start bidding on projects. You need to make sure that you put as much effort as possible in preparing proposals for each project. You can treat these proposals as you sales pitch for your work and the better you prepare it, the easier it would be for you to land up a job.

Delivering a successful project

One of the keys for you to have a successful career as a freelancer is to make sure that you satisfy the clients with your work. A satisfied client will always return back to you with more work, thereby ensuring that you always have unlimited amount of work. Some feel freelancing is a no pressure, fun work since you are self employed. But that is not actually the case, if you are serious about being a freelancer, you need to be serious about the work that needs to be done. At the end of the day, its your ‘Work’ that matters.

I hope this article gives you a head start into the world of freelancing, I will be coming up with a few more articles related on a few more tricks to get started on Freelancing. In the meantime keep `FREELANCING` .

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