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How Do I Submit a Proposal on a Job?

To submit proposals to jobs on Work-n-Hire, you must first login on Work-n-Hire with a Contractor account.

Once you have LoggedIn and created a profile, you can now search for jobs and submit proposals.

To submit a proposal for a job, follow the steps below:

1.  Click on the job name.

2.  You will see a Project brief section on the top left of the page that quickly covers basics about the job, like when it was posted, how much time is left, where the client is located, start date, budget and more.  This gives you a quick overview of the job.

3.  Below the Project brief section is the job description. Below job description you can find the skills required by the client to work on the project.  After evaluating the job and skills required you can submit a proposal.

4. Enter your detailed proposal description into the box on the right hand side, including any attachments. You can expand the form to make it easier to write, view and submit your proposal. In the Proposal Description area, you can enter up to 4000 characters.  In your proposal description, describe your relevant experience, qualifications, and what value you will bring to the job.

6.  Below Proposal Description is the Cost & Timing section.  In this section you will indicate your cost and the estimated delivery date.  The Work-N-Hire fees are deducted from the total bid amount, so lets say if you submit a proposal amount of Rs 100, a percentage of fees will be deducted while paying you out.

7. If you need clarification on the job details before completing your proposal, you may submit a bid without a price by selecting the Will Submit Amount Later.  You will be able to submit an amount later for the job

9. Click Preview & Post button to proceed.

10. Review your proposal, then click Submit Proposal.

Once you submit your proposal, you can view the job on you’re My Project page, by filtering on the status ‘Open’ link.  This link will shows all the jobs for which you have submitted proposals, where the bidding period is still open.


9 Responses to How to Submit Your Proposal

  1. singjingle says:

    One of the client needs a sample on the topic of his choice, for which he needs my email I’d..…it was mentioned somewhere on the site not to share such contact details..…what course do you suggest in this case…..

    • worknhire says:


      If possible you should use WorknHire messaging to upload files/samples.

      In case the client still insists on sharing the contact details, you can do the same. But the sharing of contact details is only allowed in case the client has initiated the request for the contact details.

  2. SJ says:

    How do you attach sample work in the messages before being awarded any job???

    • worknhire says:


      You have two options, you can either attach the files in the messages that you send to the client. The options to attach a file can be found right below the message box. The other is to attach files to your proposal either while sending the proposal or while updating the proposal.

  3. Ashima says:

    Is this Cost hourly or on full project????

    • Sabyasachi Sarkar says:

      Yes, I also wants have clarification.In fact I have just joined workhire, I could not find in the website. I have been working with some foreign websites and their it is clarified in details. I request my working colleagues of “Workhire” to clarify it asap. Thanks & Regards.

      • worknhire says:

        Hi Sabyasachi,

        WorknHire only supports fixed bid project at the moment. So the cost that needs to be mentioned in the proposals is for the entire project. You can always update the proposal after having initial discussion with the client.

  4. Sucheta Sirsikar says:

    Hi, I have just now registered with worknhire but am unable to upload my details in the profile. It is not getting updated even after 10-12 times of trying. Please identify the problem and correct it so that I can start bidding on the jobs of my interest.


    Sucheta Sirsikar

  5. Sayee says:

    I am unable to submit any proposal. “Click Preview & Post button to proceed” appears inactive. Please check and revert.

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