Is Hiring contractor really free?

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“Yes Hiring Contractors is really Free”. Work N Hire doesn’t charge you anything for posting a project or for any sort of payment for hiring a freelancer. You can post as many projects as you want, but the Project are reviewed before they are made live on the site. This is to specifically eradicate fake projects and/or advertisements on the site.

Once you have posted a project, the Freelancers will review the project detail, so the better project description you provide the better response you will get from Freelancers. After which they will submit their proposals with or without bid amount. You will be notified of all proposals through email.

You can hire a contractor of your own choice for your posted project by following these simple steps

  1. Login with an existing Work-n-Hire client account
  2. Under the Hire menu click on “My Projects”.
  3. Select the project in the list of open projects to award.
  4. Choose the contractor to award the project.
  5. You can award or reject the project proposal you want by click Award or Reject button of respective contractor.
  6. You then need to confirm award by clicking the “Confirm Award” button or you can choose different contractor by clickin on “Choose Different Contractor” button.
  7. Now you have successfully awarded the project. You should wait for the contractor to accept project award.

6 Responses to Is Hiring contractor really free?

  1. Abhishek Mathur says:

    how can i see the relevant project without paying any charges…..I want to work as a freelancer h.r consultant

  2. kiran.s says:

    While creating account i selected as Company, i want to change to individual. Can you please help me to do it

    • worknhire says:

      The option is there in the settings found on the top right hand corner after you are logged in. Do send us a contact us message in case you have difficulty in finding the option.

  3. surnder shankhala says:

    sir toady is 3rd date monthly 20 bid free but i can t submit my parposel .

  4. Ej Syed says:

    Is there any way to hire more than 1 freelancer for one project?

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