Leaving Feedback For Your Contractor

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Leaving Feedback For a Contractor

Leaving feedback is an important part of working on Work-n-Hire.  Contractors build a reputation of client satisfaction and clients build a history of consistent hiring and payment.  These serve as references for both parties when evaluating whom to work with in the future.  Feedback can only be left by past clients of that contractor on Work-n-Hire, so you can be confident that the history of comments and ratings are from legitimate experiences of other Work-n-Hire members.

When Can I Leave Feedback

Feedback can be left for a contractor after a payment has been released on the job.  Feedback period expires 60 days after the job is marked as complete.

How To Leave Public Feedback

To leave feedback for your contractor, please log in to Work-n-Hire and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the workroom of the job for which you wish to leave feedback.
  2. Click the Feedback link on the left navigation bar.
  3. Click on Send Feedback link.
  4. You can select the areas of feedback like expertise, quality, communication, cost Professional, deadlines.
  5. You can also add comments.
  6. Complete feedback, click the Send Feedback button when you are happy with your ratings.

Once feedback has been left, it can not be modified or removed

8 Responses to Leaving Feedback For Your Contractor

  1. Durairaj says:

    One client named Smaranika( Smaranika Das ) and she posted the job here. She cheated me without the payment. So dont trust her and give me solution to get the pay.

    • worknhire says:

      Please use the contact us section to report the problem. We will try and help you resolve the matter. We will be deleting your comment since public sharing of a contact information on WorknHire is not allowed.

  2. Precis Research services says:


    I am Lekha from Chennai, India. I manage a VA team and active on many freelancing sites. This is my first experience with an Indian freelancing website. I was contacted by a contractor named “anju90″ on work n hire for article writing at Rs 130 for 500 words and provided a sample topic on 13-09-2014. The work was submitted within hours and he agreed to move on with the project on 14-09-2014 and provided the first work topic on “California reverse mortgage” and expected the article by 8 PM. The work was submitted around 7 PM.

    It has been 4 days and no payment is still made towards my work. I am sorry to tell you that I no longer would like to bid on work n hire on grounds of mistrust and payment protection. I believe prompt action will be taken for my payment and additional protection on fraudulent project posters. Further verification has to be carried out for authentic sources of projects to gain credibility.


  3. Sonia Sofat says:

    I am Sonia Sofat from Ghaziabad. I registered on worknhire few months back. I have been working for many contractors through this site. I was contacted by Mr. Vikrant Sharma (nitalivikrant) for the post of an academic writer. It was mutually decided that he would pay me after every two articles that I submit to him. I started working for him from 29th May. 2015.I have till date submitted 3 articles within the deadline.
    It has been over 20 days that I am asking for my payment but he has been giving lame excuses every time and lately he has stopped responding and also blocked me.
    He owes me Rs.5950.
    His e-mail is [email protected]. I have all the all the mails and the chats where he has promised to me to pay after I submit the articles.
    I request the worknhire team to take some action against him so that I get my payment and please verify the contractors before they post the projects on your site as some fraud contractors like him malign your reputation and also cheat the writers.
    He is active on your site and posting the projects. Please see that a strict action be taken against him.

    Sonia Sofat

  4. Sowmya says:

    Hi , I would like to bring to your notice that a contractor by name contentwritingsolutionz and writerswritingsolutions (both belong to same person) managed by a lady called shwetha from madurai is a big con who is fooling all the newbies here by not paying their payment. I’m one of the victims who have lost around 12000 INR . Now she has blocked my number and mentioned by “sonia sofat” this lady is also ignoring me. I know you are not in any responsibility to get my money I’m writing you to just request to block their account as she is cheating more and more newbies. I don’t want others to suffer as i did. hope yopu see the concern.

  5. Jaykrishna says:

    Hi, I am very disappointed with work n hire Please my request to all peoples not to post any jobs in work n hire i had hired a contractor by name win wrench solutions which is in kerala trivandrum for online booking 4 months over still my project is not yet completed. The project manager use to ask money and i gave him 22,000 INR . And after getting money there is no regular communication between us as a client i am behind them interesting part is their MD his name is kannan if i call him he never ever pick the phone or sometimes he pick and if i tell from bangalore he cuts the phone and never call back unprofessional and unpathetic mannerism from that guy. I had bring this issue two time to work n hire and still they have not yet taken any steps i called them and no one is picking i do no why they have kept contact number . Please i request all people who want any work to be done please don’t ever go with work n hire and with unproffesional companies like Win wrench don’t get satisfied by seeing their portfolios. Should be ashamed of themselves if the company is not professional and cant meet the deadline of a client should close.

  6. Manish says:

    This i

  7. Manish says:

    This site is really does not help. First in case of any issue, there is no chat, call options provided. Only a contact form is available, which worknhire does not check and respond. I had hired a contractor named ‘Sougata Chowdhury’, she could not design the way as the client expected, and then started saying about price, though I as a client had agreed on the price which she had asked earlier. When asking to complete the project, she walked out and marked the project as complete. The site did not allow me to write a review for her. Also when confronted she started abusing the client on the message board of the site. I reported this to worknhire site but they seem not to bother. Looks like the site is full of un-ethical contractors when site admin is not bothering to take any action. Anyway, I also think that on this site reviews etc can be purchased as the contractor I had hired had good reviews but her work was of a very low quality, even the different objects in a logo was not properly aligned. Seems that site is selling reviews and hence lowest quality contractors are buying that and so client thinks its a good contractor and later on client suffers,
    Never suggest to use the site also never use the contractor whose name is mentioned above.

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