Some Interesting Facts from 2012 Freelance Industry Report

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The Freelance Industry is growing. The very fact that we call it an “industry” now is indicative of the fact. The Freelance Industry Report by Ed Gandia, founder of International Freelancers Academy, threw up some surprising and encouraging facts when we surveyed it. This survey contains all aspects of Freelancing so we decided to list down the most eye-catching facts of this report. Here goes:

• Freelancers are breaking the stereotype and the glass ceiling. At 71% women compose the largest group of freelancers. This is a rather liberating fact that will hopefully encourage more women to step out in this direction and grab opportunities in freelancing.
• Almost 47% freelancers are the primary income earners in their households. This means that freelancing is becoming a lucrative form of work for many. Combining this with the above statistic, it points to encouraging new avenues for women who need to take the responsibility of their households.
Women tend to earn better rates.

• Around 34% freelancers have more than ten years of work experience and 14% moon light as freelancers. This reflects the immense attraction that freelancing holds for those who are doing so. The flexibility of freelancing is quite obviously, unmatched.
90% of Freelancers are happier now than they were before going solo and 46% have more free time. For those scared to take the leap of faith and leave behind their perks and paid vacations this should be an indication towards the beauty of freelancing.
49% of freelancers have not felt the impacts of the economic downturn and an overwhelming, 77% freelancers are optimistic about their business prospects over the next year. So if you’re talented and confident enough to sell that talent and need to earn an extra buck, you know what to do.
20% freelancers feel that looking for clients is perhaps the biggest problem. But with a site like this problem can be easily tackled now.
• 67% freelancers prefer the high touch method of prospecting- word of mouth, referrals and tapping professional and personal network.
• “Accidental freelancers” are happier as freelancers than as employees.

40% freelancers contribute positively to economic growth when they delegate or outsource their work.

Entrepreneurial freelancers are happier than other freelancers.

Thus we can see that with the right support network, freelancing can become an attractive method of selling your work. Planning and prospecting the right way makes it easier to acquire jobs and with the scope that freelancing provides, you ensure that there is never a dull moment in your work life.

You can download the entire report here. Don’t forget to post your suggestions in the comments about this survey.

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  1. Nandini says:

    Hi, very interesting indeed. Where can I download the entire report from?

  2. Anuj Kumar says:

    This is very useful information shared here. I am
    really thankful for this.

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