Tips for Hiring a Freelance Writer

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If you need a professional touch in your writing project you should consider hiring a freelance writer. A professional freelance writer can easily deliver your project on time if you choose right, whatever the context maybe. Here is how to do it right.

  1. Before you start searching determine the type of writer you would like. For example, copywriters are great at writing promotional articles, ad brochures etc. while technical writers may create manuals or white papers. There are many different kinds of writers out there and being clear with what you want the writer to write only simplifies your job.
  1. Use the right terms to describe the job and advertise the job intelligently. Publishing professionals have their own jargon including terms to describe various sub specialties. Know what you want and advertise accordingly. Also, there are many sites that promise to connect you to writers at appealing prices but remember, you get what you pay for. Know the websites that true professionals are bound to use and advertise accordingly. There are many websites where you can post your project and have writers bid on it.
  1. Look at previous references of the writer. Knowing someone who has used a particular writer makes it easier to know the kind of work the writer does. Consider asking for previous references from the writer. Send out an email or give the references a call only once you have decided to hire the person.
  1. Allow the writers to convince you. Look at samples of the writer’s previous works if you like. Request “clips”. Review them closely to get a feel of their work and depth of their expertise. A short phone call can help you understand the writer’s methods and motivations.
  1. Take a chance on a writer you like. This can be done by starting them on a smaller project if they do not have enough experience.
  1. Consider a probationary period or consider testing your writers. This is not unusual in this profession and writers often do it to demonstrate their skills. You can get the writer to produce a brief article under timed conditions-ideally an example of what they would be producing for you later. If testing requires more than half an hour of their time, consider paying them. If it is a long project, you could set the writer with an initial milestone and see how well they fare.
  1. Research Methodology- Question writers on their research methodology and their revision cycle.
  1. Hire a writer you can work with. If you need a freelance writer now, chances are you will need one later. Hire a good writer who will help you with your future projects and save yourself the hiring frustrations.

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