Email Etiquette for Freelancers

If you are freelancing, chances are that you are a remote worker and that you will probably be carrying out a large amount of communication with your client over the email. If that is the case, then we suggest that you follow these guidelines because while you are communicating for a large part over the email you are also unintentionally putting across a certain impression of yourself in the way you compose your mails.

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Tips to avoid getting screwed when starting as a freelancer

If you’re just starting your career in the world of freelancing, welcome aboard. It’s a great time to be a new freelancer, with loads of opportunity out there as companies of all sizes from small to large are continually looking to outsource many types of services.

Starting a new career can be fun and exciting but you should take care of a few things in order to ensure that you are not getting screwed as a freelancer.  This article will explain a few points on how you can avoid being exploited and start earning real money.

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Essential Tips for Writing Effective Freelance Proposals

To survive and excel as a freelancer, you need to be able to market and sell yourself. First impressions really matter and specially in freelance business it’s important that you make a good first impression with your proposal. That’s why writing an effective proposal to a prospective client is one of the key skills you can develop to be more successful.

Many freelancers make various common mistakes in their proposals, from talking too much about yourself and what you want, from not knowing what the client wants, to rambling on. You should avoid these common mistakes to make your proposal effective. Here is a list of tips to make your next proposal more effective.

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6 Common Freelance Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Seeing as we are all human(at least everyone reading this post), we should recognize that mistakes happen. It is often said “To err is human” which shows that it is not only common for us to make mistakes, it is rather expected. Making mistakes is one of the major ways we learn and that is how we as humans are built. This is no different for freelancers (as they are humans after all).

There are a few mistakes which are really common among all freelancers, and they should be avoided. Mistakes can cost you clients, and possibly even cause your business to fail.The good news is you don’t have to make those same mistakes, and hopefully you can benefit from this list and some insight from your fellow freelancers.

So here is a list of 6 most common freelance mistakes and how to avoid them.

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How to start your career as Freelancer?

Working as a contractor–or freelancing as it is often termed–is both a great stepping stone to running your own business and a viable career in itself. For the first-timers, there can be numerous hurdles to overcome on the way to starting and having a successful freelancing career, especially if you are in India.

As a former freelancer myself I have observed some of these hurdles firsthand. This article discusses some of the points related to the ins and outs of freelancing and how to start a successful freelancing career.

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