What are these Terms and Milestones?

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About Terms & Milestones

Terms and Milestones can be seen as defined agreement between two parties, wherein the client and contractor have to agree before an agreement is made live. Milestones are a breakup of the entire work that needs to be done along with timelines and cost. Some clients prefer to fund money based on these milestones. Milestones also help in keeping track of the progress of the project.

A contractor can generate invoice of the milestones and on the other hand client can reject or accept the invoice.

Client can pay invoices or escrow the funds so that contractor will become sure that he will get paid if he completes the work.

Whereas client also becomes safe from prepayment of the milestones.

One Response to What are these Terms and Milestones?

  1. marissa dsouza says:

    how does one Escrow the Invoice? Can I change it from a payment invoice to an escrow invoice?

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