What happens after I have accepted the Project?

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After Accepting the Project

Once you have accepted a project the client has awarded to you the client is been notified about your project accept.

When you accept the project award then a common workroom will be created between the two of you where you can communicate with respect of your project. You can create milestones for your client, send messages, files, generate invoices etc from your workroom.

You can notify client about the progress of your project from the workroom.

4 Responses to What happens after I have accepted the Project?

  1. Dipannita says:

    Hi, I like to ask that I accept the project, completed the project and receive my payment, but I cannot change the status of project from “Working” to ” Completed” Why? Please help me..

    • worknhire says:

      Hi, Under your working projects on your Work Dashboard you will find the option to mark the project as complete under “Actions” for your specific project. You can send us a contact mail in case you are having trouble doing so.

  2. kmujeeb says:

    hi i like to ask i am accept project

  3. sudarsana says:

    Hi, I have accepted a project. But its not showing in the status of the project that i m working on a perticular project.. Could u help

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