What is Work-N-Hire Escrow?

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Work-n-Hire Escrow Overview

Work-n-Hire Escrow is a safe and efficient way to pay for work delivered online. Once a job is awarded, the client and contractor define and agree upon milestones, and funds are then placed into Escrow. Contractors can quickly and safely begin working knowing that payment is secure and will be released once work is completed, and clients are protected knowing their funds are securely held in Escrow and will only be released to the contractor when work is delivered and accepted.


  • Jump-Start Jobs: Contractors can immediately begin working knowing that funds are readily available.
  • Both clients and contractors are eligible for Work-n-Hire Dispute Assistance in the event that a job does not go as planned.

8 Responses to What is Work-N-Hire Escrow?

  1. Murali says:

    how we can know whether a job is awarded or not? and also when i can request for advance payment/escrow from the client?

    • worknhire says:

      Hi, In case a job is awarded to you or to another contractor a notification is sent out to everyone who had sent a proposal for the same. You can also monitor the same from your My Project Section by selecting All Projects.

      Once the job is awarded an automated invoice will be raised on your behalf for the client. You can then request the client to escrow funds for the invoice.

  2. nav says:

    how to file for dispute ?

  3. Mrin says:

    How do I ask a client to place fund in escrow.. is there a process like making invoices and asking for payment or I have to ask client to place fund in escrow via message?

    • worknhire says:

      You can create an invoice and the client would be able to place funds in escrow against that invoice. You also have a messaging system in place in case you need to communicate stuff for the project.

  4. accounts says:

    When the client placed the funds in the Escrow, when will be the funded amount would be displayed in the contractors account?

    • worknhire says:

      The escrow amount displays instantly. You are also notified by an email of the amount deposited by the client in the escrow.

  5. RK says:

    Hi ,

    If I Fund Escrow .

    If the developer didn’t develop as expected , then is it possible to take my money back form Escrow to my amount .


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