Work N Hire – How it all Started!

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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” –  Lao Tzu

Work N Hire started with an idea to bridge the gap between Freelancers and Clients in India by creating an online marketplace. While working as the Co-Founder of Excellence Technologies an IT services start-up, we always used to get calls from friends, acquaintances and colleagues from our previous organization asking if we knew a freelancer who could take up their work. In some cases we might be able to help them, in other cases we didn’t have contacts of freelancers having that specific skill set. Having seen this demand and supply gap, we decided to do something about it and came up with Work N Hire, India’s First Online Freelance Marketplace.

India’s internet boom gave us a lot of boost in going forward with this idea. The way in which currently new start-ups and small businesses are coming up in India, we are expecting there will be a huge demand for Freelancers within India in the next couple of years and Work N Hire aims to help Freelancers benefit from this huge demand.

When we started with the idea of Work N Hire around 6 months back, the major hurdle in our way was not the development or funding because we had those resources in hand but instead the scale at which we wanted to create this application, and the features that we wanted our users to have. The application for Work N Hire was built ground up which took more time than we had originally anticipated for. We had initially scheduled a launch in the second week of April, but with delays in development the launch date had to be shifted by a month. The reason being, we didn’t want to come out with a half cooked application for our users. Our aim was simple, to make sure that the website is made such that it is extremely user friendly.

Work N Hire was finally launched on 18th May, 2012 for public use. At the point of writing this blog post, the site has just completed its 2 weeks of operation and has over 1000 registered users on the site with around 70 posted projects. We are hoping to see this numbers expand exponentially in the coming months.

Our next hurdle – Marketing it to the general public…

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